Unemployment rate (NHC)


Unemployment rate according to the central unemployment register. Percent of the population (15-74 years) by January.

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3. Ratio (Norway = 100) = Ratio between the county's percentage and the national percentage for a given year. Examples; ratio = 130 means that the county's percentage is 30% higher than the national level. A ratio of 87 means that the county's percentage is 13% lower than the national level

The figures in Norhealth differ somewhat from Statistics Norway figures due to the use of different denominator.

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Unemployment rate (NHC)

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Statistics Norway (SSB)

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Nasjonalt folkehelseinstitutt FHI


Date: 2019-05-13

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The rate of unemployment should be viewed in relation to business and health insurance.

The figures for registered fully unemployed persons are regarded as reliable. The main reason for this is that entitlement to unemployment benefit is forfeited if the person fails to sign in at their local job centre at regular intervals. NAV - the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration's ARENA register is consequently updated on a near-continuous basis with recent data on every single job-seeker. There will, however, be a proportion of unemployed persons who do not register with NAV, and who therefore do not figure in the ARENA register. This means that there will be a certain degree of under-reporting. Typical examples are young people, students and others who are not eligible for unemployment benefit. Conversely, there may be instances of individuals registered with NAV who no longer qualify for job-seeker status. This problem primarily applies to participants on labour market schemes. In some cases, an individual may have completed or dropped out of a labour market scheme without this having been NAV-registered, which results in over-reporting. For participants on labour market schemes who received (scheme-based) individual-benefit instead of unemployment benefit, there is currently no obligation to sign in every 14 days as in the case of unemployment benefit recipients (fully unemployed persons and some labour market scheme participants), which has made it difficult for NAV to detect falsely registered scheme participants. However, NAV is now planning to introduce this requirement for individual-benefit recipients also.


Geographical level

Norway, health regions and counties


Both genders, men and women

Age groups

15-74 years, 15-29 years and 30-74 years

Time periods


Frequency of updates



The central unemployment register contains all unemployed persons registered at the Employment Offices.


Unemployed people are regarded as a vulnerable group.

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