Children of single parents (NHC)


Number of children 0-17 years living with a single parent, as a percentage of all children 0-17 years.

A single parent is a person receiving allowance for one child more than they actually have, according to the Family Allowance Act.

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Three measures are available. Use the Measure button to select:
1. Persons = Number of children
2. Per cent = Percentage of children 0-17 years.
3. Ratio (Norway = 100) = Ratio between the county's percentage and the national percentage for a given year. Examples; ratio = 130 means that the county's percentage is 30% higher than the national level. A ratio of 87 means that the county's percentage is 13% lower than the national level.

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Children of single parents (NHC)

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Name Affiliation Abbreviation Role
Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)

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Nasjonalt folkehelseinstitutt FHI


Indikator parallell til KHS, brukes i folkehelseprofiler for fylkene.
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Date: 2019-08-06

Version Responsibility Statement

The statistics can be affected by changes in regulations.


Geographical level

Norway, health region, county


Both genders only

Age groups

0-17 years

Time periods


Kind of Data

Statistics based on fewer than 4 cases are hidden for privacy reasons. The same applies if the population segment that cases are taken from is smaller than 10.

If more than 20 per cent of the numbers in a time series are hidden for privacy reasons, the entire series is hidden to avoid creating a biased impression of the situation in the county. Time series are also hidden where more than 50 per cent of the numbers in the time series are based on 6 or fewer cases. This is done to hide time series that are based on a too small numerical basis.

Frequency of updates



People receiving extra family allowance are registered by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) locally. The data are transferred to NAV centrally, and then calculated by county by Statistics Norway, based on residential address.

Data quality

Data are based on individual records, and are in principle complete.


Children of single parents are regarded as a potentially vulnerable group.

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