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System requirements: Norhealth works best in an updated browser. Especially in older versions of Internet Explorer, you can experience problems, like reduced-size dialog boxes or unresponsive system. If you experience such problems, try to open Norhealth in Firefox or Chrome.

In some indicators, the English version of metadata (definitions) can be lacking and will be added later.


Norhealth contains more than 100 indicators. Within each indicator, you can create your own tables, figures and maps by using the menus and icons at the top of the page. Navigate the menu in the left-hand margin or use the free text search to find statistics.


Visitor statistics are recorded for Norhealth. The editorial and technical personnel use these statistics to develop the content and navigation. Visitor statistics are based on Google Analytics and we use a feature where the exact IP address of the visitor is not stored at either Google or NIPH.


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